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About Vertex

Vertex Reserve Studies Ltd. is a Manitoba based company providing services across all of western Canada. The focus is to provide our clients with exceptional comprehensive study reports that are simple to understand by any reader. Our services spectrum may not be as large as that of an engineering firm, but exactly that is the intention: Vertex is small enough to care, and strong enough to focus in on what we do best. Refer to services to view our expertise 

About me



My name is Alex Nickel, I am a registered and certified engineering technologist (CET) ready to work for you. Along with my qualifications I bring several years of experience in the condominium development field and I am ready to help your aging condo keep and gain its value.

Aside from my passion for my work I love to spend time with my wife and two sons. Together we spend time exploring the natural wonders of our country created by God whom we love and serve†


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